Party with a Purpose

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Party with a Purpose

GattiTown Surprise Party

by Mary Beth White

“Surprise!” Having our son’s surprise birthday party at GattiTown was a great experience for all of us. Our son had been begging to go to GattiTown all summer, since one of his friends had gone and told him about it. “Pizza and video games . . . been there, done that” – or so I thought.

Party with a Purpose

Seminole Lanes

Wii bowling is a lot of fun for kids. But real bowling, while definitely more difficult than Wii bowling, is even more fun, especially if you can do it with a big group of friends. That’s what makes Seminole Lanes a great place to have a fantastic, stress-free birthday party.

Xtreme Fun Center

A birthday party at Xtreme Fun Center just might be a dream come true for any 10-year-old boy. Our birthday boy certainly had a great time hanging out there with his friends this month!

Party with a Purpose

Looking to plan a delightful birthday party your child will never forget? Then look no further than the “Princess Party” at Manhattan Hairstyling Academy. Their team of professionals are sure to make your princess and all of her friends look and feel like royalty!

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