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Congratulations Coach King – 400 wins

Congratulations to Keswick Christian volleyball coach, Karrmayne King, who reached yet another major milestone last month when the Crusaders defeated St. Petersburg Catholic: her 400th volleyball win! It was the second such milestone for Coach King, as she has already chalked up over 400 wins with the girls’ basketball team. Karrmayne has been Keswick’s athletic director for 28 years as well as coach for both girls’ teams. King grew up in the Tampa Bay area and is a graduate of Seminole High School.

After her momentous victory, we had opportunity to sit down and talk with Coach King:

GCF: Coach, can you tell us why you decided to become a coach and a teacher?

King: I realized by the end of my freshman year of high school that I wanted to become a teacher and a coach. I really respected my high school basketball coach, Kathy Davis. She had such a big impact on my life and I wanted to be able to have that same type of impact. Being a good teacher and coach is not about winning championships, it’s about developing champions.

GCF: What do you like most about coaching volleyball?

King: What I like most about coaching volleyball is that, for a team to be successful, it requires some of the most important skills in life…, not spiking or passing a ball, but communication, confidence, enthusiasm, and reading a situation to get your team in position to be successful. In volleyball you do not have time to hang your head after a mistake, as the next point is coming right back at you right away. It is so momentum-based that you have to learn how to shake off negative thoughts and play with confidence. Communication is so key to the whole sport, along with trust of your teammates and coach, and that carries over to all of our life relationships. Teaching players how to read and think through a situation and see that it is not always about the power of a spike, as a well-timed tip, is just as powerful.

GCF: What is your favorite highlight of the season?

King: Every school year I always look forward to the volleyball tournaments that we host. We host a tournament at each level (JH, JV, and Varsity). It is a great time as we bring in 12 to16 teams and have 3 exciting weekends of volleyball. Our athletes and parents all pull together to work and provide a great tournament experience for all of the teams attending.

GCF: What are some of the highlights from this volleyball season?

King: The biggest highlight for the season, to me, is seeing the girls grow so much – and just their camaraderie and the love that they have for each other made this team such a joy to coach. They never got down even through some of the losses. We were competitive with every team that we played; just didn’t have quite enough experience to pull out the win.

GCF: What challenges lie ahead for the rest of the year?

King: Our biggest challenge for the rest of the year is to find ways to continue to instill, in each of the girls, the confidence that they need to have…to help them to understand how good they really can become if they will lay aside any negative self-thoughts and allow themselves to rely on the confidence of who they are in Christ.

GCF: Karrmayne, what would you say you enjoy most about coaching?

King: The interesting thing about coaching is that it is different every year. Some have asked me why I stay at one place so long and how can I possibly stay passionate throughout that time. The biggest reason is that when God calls you to a particular work, He constantly gives you the passion and desire to be used of Him. The second reason is that every team you have is different. I can never use the exact same practice plans each year, as the needs of each team vary; and, as a coach, that helps to keep us sharp and in tune as we adapt and look to see each player through God’s eyes – to help meet their needs within the framework of the team.

In closing, though, my favorite aspect about coaching is that everything that happens on the practice court and game court can be correlated to real life situations. It is not as much about coaching and teaching volleyball and basketball as it is teaching about life. Learning how to react to opposition, how to win humbly, how to lose gracefully, how to deal with adversity, how to work well with others, how to have a positive attitude and reactions, how to work toward a goal, how to get knocked down and get back up again, how to worship the Lord through everything in our life.

GCF: Congratulations again, Coach King, on your big accomplishment; and thank you for your passion, enthusiasm, and time that you pour into your players and into your school. We hope you enjoy the Joto’s Pizza Party!

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