Interview with Isa Medina

WTIS: Money can affect every aspect of our lives. Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University (FPU) can make a difference. Joining us today is Isa Medina, a Tampa Bay FPU class leader. We are delighted and honored to hear her story. Isa, thank you so much for joining us.

MEDINA: Thank you for having me.

WTIS: You attended Financial Peace University. Tell us your experience, please.

MEDINA: My work in a banking institution involved a lot of travel, so I did the online FPU course. I was servicing over 150 credit card portfolios. Part of my job was to educate customers on the handling of credit cards; but these individuals’ financial illiteracy often led to financial calamity anyway. There were a lot of sad stories. A year after I took the online class, our office closed and I was laid off. Because I [personally] had been keeping the FPU principles (my grandma also taught me to save!) I had a nice chunk of money saved in my emergency fund. That’s the amazing thing: I was able to live debt free for 3-1/2 years until finding my calling as a counsellor.

WTIS: Now, if I were Dave Ramsey, I would ask, “How much did you have in that fund?”

MEDINA: Well, I had enough to meet my financial needs (laughing). I had given the banking industry 12 years. Now I get to work for my church and a non-profit. I still travel, but now it’s for God. It’s been an amazing experience in my life.

WTIS: Dave’s best-selling books, Financial Money Makeover and the new EntreLeadership, do talk about money; but he also talks about faith. Not many authors have the courage to do that. But it makes perfect sense. It sounds like it made sense in your life.

MEDINA: I think some people get scared. “Let me take this scary step and do what I’m really called to do: ask God to lead me.” It did take me a while, I’ll admit; it was hard. The vice president of operations from Texas offered me a dream job, but I just felt it wasn’t “my thing” any more. I was tired of hearing about people getting into debt. I was ready to ask God to change my life.

So I flew to Franklin, Tennessee, to take the FPU counsellor training to become a Dave Ramsey counsellor. I had a sense of peace and believed God was closing one door and opening another. It totally changed my life. I’ve been able to do things I’ve always wanted to; and God has provided every step of the way. It’s been amazing.

WTIS: How did you hear about Dave?

MEDINA: Actually, I did a Google search. I was searching for different organizations that taught financial literacy, and I saw [several]. But I kept going back to Dave Ramsey. I had not yet heard about him on radio. So, it was just one of those things where the Holy Spirit led me.

WTIS: It’s interesting how Dave recommends five things to become wealthy if you’re young –and one of the five is to give. That is refreshing!

MEDINA: Yes. And that’s the very first thing I do. My grandma always taught me: give to God first, and He will always take care of you. You know, when Dave said that, that was the thing that really attracted me to his curriculum. He always puts it in the budget forms: “The first thing you do is you give.” For those who are not Believers, give to charity.

WTIS: We are blessed to hear your story – and now you are blessing so many. Isa, thank you very much. It has been an honor to have you join us.

MEDINA: It’s been an honor speaking with you guys. WTIS: Isa Medina joined us today. Isa took Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University online because she had many corporate obligations, and the course changed her life. She is now, as a local FPU counsellor, changing the lives of so many others. We’re going to hear these stories here on AM Inspiration with Pete O’Shea on a weekly basis. I love the stories that come out of Dave Ramsey’s radio program here on WTIS Inspiration AM 1110 M-F 2-5 pm. And, you can find one of the 96 FPU classes held in our local Tampa Bay area churches by going to

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