Trips on a Tank - Kung Fu Panda Awesome SNOW

Kung Fu Panda Awesome SNOW

Even though they frequently get the chance to visit family in Michigan, our Florida kids still feel like they really miss out on the “fun” of winter since they live in a place where the thermometer almost always stays above freezing, even in the coldest part of the winter. So when they found out that they would get to play in the snow at Gaylord Palms again this year, they were naturally very excited.

Kung Fu Panda Awesome SNOW started out with a short video before Po himself came to lead us into the exhibit. As we waved to Po and walked into the large, snow-filled tent, we donned our scarves, hats and mittens. But no bulky winter coats were necessary, since the air inside Kung Fu Panda Awesome SNOW was a reasonable 45 to 50 degrees. The smaller kids headed straight for the kiddie-sized playground with plenty of slides and tunnels, while the big kids ran to the giant pagoda slide. The slide, which is the focal point of the entire exhibit, is 64 feet tall. Riders carry a mat up to the top of the slide, sit down on it, and glide down the three hills to the bottom. The slide is tall enough to provide a thrill for big kids and adults, but not so fast as to scare little ones. All of our kids, from age 4 to 14 enjoyed the ride.

After a while, everyone ventured into the snow play area where the big kids tried to pelt their dad (and mom a few times) with snow balls, and the little ones decided to build a snowman. Other attractions include life-size figures of Tai Lung and Lord Shen that kids can use for “target practice” as well as plenty of photo opportunities with Po.

If you have kids like ours who have lived in a warm climate their whole lives, then Kung Fu Panda Awesome SNOW provides the perfect opportunity for them to experience winter fun for a little while. Southern kids can enjoy playing in the snow, and their parents can enjoy the fact that, since it only lasts for a day, they won’t have soggy mittens and hats to contend with for an entire winter!

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