Xtreme Fun Center

A birthday party at Xtreme Fun Center just might be a dream come true for any 10-year-old boy. Our birthday boy certainly had a great time hanging out there with his friends this month!

The moment you step into Xtreme Fun Center, you can tell that it is a great place for upper elementary through junior high kids. Don’t get me wrong – adults have an awesome time too. But with batting cages, dozens of arcade games, and laser tag, no one needs to get bored, even a junior-higher.

Our party started with our terrific hostess, Kaitlyn, helping to set up the reserved tables and giving us all the goodies we needed. As the party guests trickled in, they each received tokens for the batting cages and arcade games. They had a great time playing Dance, Dance Revolution, Skee Ball, all kinds of racing games, and even Deal or No Deal.

Once all of the guests had arrived, it was time to play the first game of Laser Tag. After a brief instruction video, all of the kids (and most of the parents) donned the lightweight vests before heading into the 6,500 square foot multi-level arena. The differences in style were apparent almost immediately. Some guests chose to play strategically – going after other team’s “bases” or defending their own – while others just ran around the arena shooting anyone they encountered. But regardless of skill level, everyone had a lot of fun. The birthday boy’s preschool-age sister was a little intimidated during the first laser tag game. But during the second game, Kaitlyn brought out a toddler-sized laser gun for her to use, and even she got into the action!

In between our two games of laser tag, everyone enjoyed pizza and soda from nearby Sardo’s Pizza. Pepperoni may have been the most popular among the kids, but the moms at the party especially enjoyed the gourmet Pizza Bianca – with ricotta, mozzarella, parmesan and fresh basil, it was definitely worth the calories!

After the final game of laser tag, it was time to sing to the birthday boy and enjoy some birthday cake. Then Kaitlyn cleaned up the mess while the guests went back out to the arcade and the batting cages to use up all of the remaining tokens. After the tokens were gone, it was time to redeem all of the tickets for prizes and head home after an exciting and extremely fun-filled afternoon at a place that definitely lives up to its name.

Xtreme Fun center has the Tampa Bay areas largest Laser Tag arena with over 6,500 square feet creating a Live Action, Adrenaline Rush, High Tech Adventure. Xtreme Fun Center New NEXUS Laser Tag packs are State of the Art Laser Tag Packs, Weighing in at only 3lbs, Fires Green Laser Beams, and Turns 10 different colors. Xtreme Fun Center also has Indoor Batting Cages and a huge arcade with prize counter.

After-School Program

Xtreme Fun Center has a constructive alternative to Daycare. We provide FREE Transportation from select schools. Once the kids arrive we provide Homework Assistance, Daily Batting Practice (with instruction) Recreation time with Unlimited Video Games and Laser Tag.

Birthday Parties

Xtreme Fun center has Birthday Parties for any budget. Our party packages begin at $90 for the Bargain Birthday up to $400 for a facility rental.

Book your birthday party in advance and receive a FREE 3rd Game of Laser Tag for entire group or private Rock Star room.

Xtreme Fun Center added a new package called “The Mob”. This package allows 10 Parent s to play for FREE so you can have fun with your kids playing Laser Tag. For more details visit XtremeFuncenter.com

Xtreme Fun Center

13211 93rd Street North
Largo, FL 33773
(727) 584-9876


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