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Our Birthday Girl had a great time jumping, flipping, and swinging with all of her friends this month. Miss Vicki, Miss Stacy, and the rest of the friendly and helpful staff at Future Flipz in Clearwater made sure that her 7th birthday was memorable for everyone in attendance.

The party opened with free time in the facility’s well-equipped, kid-friendly gym. The most popular attractions were the air track (with slide) and the foam ball pit. Other popular activities were the obstacle course, the balance beam, and the trampoline. Everybody found something they loved doing! Even the parents who stayed for the party enjoyed the comfortable viewing area at one end of the gym where they could watch their little ones play while they enjoyed snacking and socializing.

After a while, Miss Vicki got the kids organized for a few group games. First, they enjoyed a few rounds of Flashlight Hide-and-Seek, where the lights were turned off and a few of the guests (and the birthday girl) searched with flashlights for the other guests who were hiding throughout the gym.

The next game, which delighted all of the boys in the group (and a lot of the girls too), was Gladiators. A balance beam was placed over the foam pit, and the kids got to take turns knocking each other off the beam by swinging at each other with foam-filled pillow cases.

The birthday girl’s favorite game, Rope Swinging, came next. Miss Vicki never seemed to get tired as she pushed child after child out over the foam pit where they could let go and fall to a soft landing among the foam blocks.

After a few more minutes of free playing, all the kids moved into the party room, which had been lavishly decorated by the Future Flipz staff, for pizza, drinks, and birthday cake. And a few of the more adventurous parents took advantage of the empty gym to spend some time reliving their youth on the trampoline and in the foam pit.

After the pizza had been eaten and the cake devoured, it was time to say good-bye. After the guests had given their “Happy Birthday” wishes and put their shoes and socks back on, they were each given a free open gym pass for a future visit. And best of all, their parents were each given a worn-out child who would surely sleep very well after a fun-filled, strenuous afternoon at Future Flipz!

Future Flipz offers a mix of gymnastics, tumbling and cheerleading classes and open play opportunities for kids of all ages. The Future Flipz facility features an indoor gymnastics area with traditional gymnastics equipment; an indoor play area with foam ball pit, monkey bars, inflatables, and much, much more.

Make your child’s Birthday party unforgettably fun! Future Flipz provides a fun, exciting party filled with games, gymnastics, and an enthusiastic staff. Future Flipz leads the children through a fantastic gymnastics circuit, incorporating music, parachute, and games!!

Future Flipz

(727) 796-3547
1701 Coachman Plaza Dr.
Clearwater, FL 33759

Future Flipz also offers indoor open play times for children of all ages throughout the week. Open play offers a mix of age appropriate equipment designed to encourage and enhance gymnastics, motor skill development and interactive play in a safe, indoor setting.

Future Flipz caters to Ages 1 - Adult! They offer competitive and non-competitive gymnastics and cheerleading; Tumbling and Preschool Age Classes. They also offer events such as Birthday Parties, Open Gym, Sleepovers, Parents Night Out, Play Groups & much more!!! If you would like more information concerning a Future Flipz birthday parties or anther activity at Future Flipz, simply give us a call at (727)796-3547.

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